M.C. Ginsberg Outdoor

We started small with M.C. Ginsberg, and quickly progressed to the big stuff. Here are a few outdoor billboard executions. Great outdoor is not easy—but we love the challenge. These boards were written by good friend, and Basler Design Group pot stirrer, Chris Lien. The visual elements are light and transparent, emulating the feel of looking through a gemstone. A MC ligature was developed, giving the logotype a very monogram-like element. The ligature was supported by the Ginsberg name—a well-known name among regional jewelers.

Ginsberg Billboard-4Cs
Ginsberg Billboard-Frappes


Hip Cat? Hepcat.

If you’re new school you say hip cat. Old school, hepcat. Either way, this Iowa City Jazz Festival Program ad for M.C. Ginsberg Jewelers is about cool as they come—a well thought out headline, and smoky, ethereal design. Advertising becomes magical when it seems this simple.

Chris Lien was the copywriter on this piece, with design handled by Bill Basler. Typographic elements are Clarendon—a current and long-term studio favorite.

IC Jazz Half Page-Horiz.pdf

KRNA 94.1 Iowanarock


A number of years ago we designed everything for legendary classic rock station 94.1 KRNA. Founded by a couple of University of Iowa students, Rob Norton and Eliot Keller. KRNA grew from grassroots to powerhouse. Hell, they played a lot of Grass Roots.

Rob and Eliot sold off their lifelong project in 1998. Prior to doing so, we kicked off a new look for KRNA, with a new logo and positioning line. In a sea of tired rock station taglines, we wanted to create something fresh, maybe even a bit odd, but definitely regional.

The result? KRNA. 94.1 IOWANAROCK.