Smart FM Radio Logo

Smart FM Radio Logo

This Smart FM Radio Logo marks the sixth radio station identity that we have done to date. You can listen to Smart FM radio online here, or at 95.1 Cedar Rapids, 98.5 in Iowa City on your tried and true FM receiver.

Our brainstorming discussions for this new identity referenced 1960s underground radio station, KAAY out of Little Rock, Arkansas—and specifically their night time program, Beaker Street with Clyde Clifford which had a very unproduced, underground feel with low-fidelity cosmic sound effects and other oddities.

Through the marvels of AM radio evening hour transmission, KAAY’s signal reached Iowa City, Iowa on many evenings, becoming a favorite of eastern Iowa listeners.

Smart FM’s logo features a custom designed type font and a cosmic 1960s sci-fi-ish antenna. The logo should feel a bit vintage—and a bit odd—but fresh at the same time. Is that even possible? #baslerdesign #smartfm #smartrockin #radio #logo #graphicdesign #oddisgood