Angels With Dirty Faces Title

Archive of movie stills. Great typographic history.

I am a typography nut—especially interested in type history. Our studio has a collection of old graphic arts books from the 1900s through 1950s that we use for inspiration from time to time. As well, I have always been interested in the typography of old movie title and end stills. They are a typographic feast.

OK, some of you won’t get it, but I know this will be of interest to my designer friends, and a few fans of old film as well. Just click on the title still below. You’re in for a treat.

Offshore Concepts

I love upstarts. They offer all sorts of unique opportunities and challenges. This upstart, Offshore Concepts, came to Basler Design Group because of our experience in the boat building niche—especially given our experience with smaller volume, regional builders who put craftsmanship at the top of the priority list.

Typically companies like Offshore Concepts are less concerned about making their first million—rather they are interested in producing the best product around, and getting the first couple of orders.

A very unique identity got Offshore Concepts off and running. The letterhead incorporated an innovative two-sided approach. A large version of the Offshore Concepts “shield” was printed in a very intense magenta ink on the back side of the letterhead sheet. The shield was sized in such a manner that it perfectly aligned with front-side artwork and also fold lines and margins. The super-sized shield graphic shows through the paper, creating a ghosted image on the front side.

After the basic identity components were in place, we proceeded to the design of print ads and brochures.


Offshore Ad

M.C. Ginsberg Outdoor

We started small with M.C. Ginsberg, and quickly progressed to the big stuff. Here are a few outdoor billboard executions. Great outdoor is not easy—but we love the challenge. These boards were written by good friend, and Basler Design Group pot stirrer, Chris Lien. The visual elements are light and transparent, emulating the feel of looking through a gemstone. A MC ligature was developed, giving the logotype a very monogram-like element. The ligature was supported by the Ginsberg name—a well-known name among regional jewelers.

Ginsberg Billboard-4Cs
Ginsberg Billboard-Frappes


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We’re very lucky. We have great relationships with great (and sometimes demanding) clients, many of whom are with us today as they were back on day one. We’re not that needy when it comes to client relationships, but we have developed  a few thoughts that have guided us over the years.

  1. The client/product must be interesting to us. It’s impossible to propel Lima Beans forward.
  2. All of the marketing in the world cannot overcome poor reputation. Some companies can’t be fixed. Some products are bad ideas.
  3. We can’t pretend to be interested in certain companies/products/niches. We can’t do it all and we really shouldn’t. We concentrate on the work we can be passionate about.
  4. A layered hierarchy with no clear decision making/approval process almost never works. Sometimes you’re lucky. Most often you implement crappy work while the good stuff sits in a pile of layout pads.

If you think like we do—and think we should get to know each other, please give us a call at (319) 389-2707 or contact us online



Basler Design Group is an information design firm—an experienced group of free-thinkers and problem solvers who create positive outcomes, often from challenging circumstances.

We’ve covered a lot of ground since our start in advertising in 1983. We’ve seen the introduction of Fax machines, overnight mail, email and the Internet. 34 years ago, we created great solutions that worked like magic for our clients. We did so using T-squares, markers, Rapidographs and the Lucigraph (you might have to look this one up).

Today, we have lots of computers. And some talented people with great software skills. More importantly, we have the one thing that has stood the test of time—our brains—still knocking out great work after all these years.

While we cut our teeth on award-winning print campaigns, we are equally as comfortable in the electronic space. We have deployed bulletin boards, blogs, Websites, and Email campaigns, and comprehensive digital marketing campaigns. Regardless of the medium, we know how to get our clients noticed.