We’re very lucky. We have great relationships with great (and sometimes demanding) clients, many of whom are with us today as they were back on day one. We’re not that needy when it comes to client relationships, but we have developed  a few thoughts that have guided us over the years.

  1. The client/product must be interesting to us. It’s impossible to propel Lima Beans forward.
  2. All the marketing in the world cannot overcome decades of poor reputation. Some companies can’t be fixed. Some products are bad ideas.
  3. We can’t pretend to be interested in certain companies/products/niches. We can’t do it all and we really shouldn’t. We concentrate on those who we can approach with passion.
  4. A layered hierarchy with no clear decision making/approval process almost never works. Sometimes you’re lucky. Most often you implement crappy work while the good stuff sits in a pile of layout pads.

We love clients who truly want to stand out.


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